5 great reasons to manufacture with polyethylene foam
November 19, 2021 at 5:00 AM
Yoga mats made from polyethylene foam.

As concerns over the environmental impacts of plastics manufacturing grow, many companies are making a concentrated shift toward manufacturing with more recyclable materials. Plastic waste is, as many people know, a significant contributor to environmental damage and pollution, and plastics manufacturing itself produces a substantial amount of fossil fuel emissions and energy consumption.

Many of these issues can be tackled simply through the choice of which plastic materials to manufacture and use. Not all plastics are made equal, and some aren’t as suited to reuse as others. Polyethylene foam, however, is one example of a great, highly-reusable plastic material that can be used in the manufacturing of a variety of different products.

Helping companies find the best ways to reduce their carbon footprint in their plastics manufacturing is one of our specialties at Becher Plastics. By helping you learn what makes polyethylene foam a great material to manufacture with, we hope to help you keep making great products in a more environmentally-friendly way.

So what actually makes this material so great? Read on to find out!

It’s great for shock absorption

This foam has properties which cause it to try to return to its original shape very quickly, which provides excellent shock absorption. It’s one reason polyethylene foam is often used in products like gym mats and flooring in a setting like a martial arts school, as well as various pieces of furniture like mattresses, sofas, and more. Using this foam allows these products to provide a greater amount of cushioning and protection from a fall.

It’s a unique recyclable material

When it comes to manufacturing furniture products like sofas, beds, and cushions, as well as other products like sponges, there aren’t many alternative materials to look at aside from plastic foam. Polyethylene stands apart from other plastics, though, in its high degree of reusability. Compared to something like polystyrene, for example, which is toxic and rejected by most recycling facilities, polyethylene is non-toxic and 100% curbside recyclable.

It reduces damage to items delivered to your door

One area where polyethylene foam offers a substantial benefit is in an area like shipping. We previously compared it to polystyrene for this reason; polystyrene is a popular packaging material, but companies switching to polyethylene for this purpose have seen a nearly 20% decrease in damage to their shipped items.

It’s cost-efficient

You don’t need as much polyethylene foam for certain purposes as you might need other materials for the same level of performance. This translates directly into savings for a manufacturer creating products with this material, for a company paying freight costs to ship those products, and for the consumer.

pink exercise mat with weights

It’s a primary product of Becher Plastics

Becher Plastics is a big believer in the viability of polyethylene for many manufacturing purposes, and if you’re interested in purchasing it for your own use, you’re able to buy it from us.

Our business is dedicated to making the manufacturing of plastic materials and products less destructive to our environment, and from our research and personal experience working with companies to shift their focus more toward environmentally-friendly plastics, we haven’t found many materials that can compete well with polyethylene. It’s useful for a wide variety of different products, and the properties that make it unique offer noteworthy protection both for those products and for the user.

If your manufacturing company is focused on creating great products using plastic foam materials, consider relying on polyethylene foam as your go-to, both to curb the environmental impacts of manufacturing and your own costs.

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